At the close of CES, Pinterest President Tim Kendall outlined some key trends he’s expecting to see in the marketing landscape in the coming year.

As partners in Pinterest’s Pin Collective, we’re particularly invested in creating compelling content for our clients; the kind of content that will shed new light on your brand and inspire pinners to become a part of your story.

“Now there’s a renewed focus on creative that stands for more than a metric. In 2017, I expect marketers to pursue a more balanced approach that tempers the need for clear ROI with the need for storytelling and relationship building.” – Tim Kendall

Pinterest’s targeting and analytics capabilities are being honed every day, leading to a much deeper understanding of consumer behavior, the ability to pinpoint the very first moment that pinners come in contact with your brand, and the discovery of the path between first touch and action.

“The industry largely focuses on what’s easiest to measure: last click. Last click intercepts existing demand, but true value comes from creating net new demand. I think digital is finally in a place where we can measure that first touch.” – Tim Kendall

Considering loop88’s unique focus on Pinterest as a marketing platform, we’re excited to see these trends unfold. Head over to Pinterest’s business blog to read the full article.

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