Pinterest is always optimizing user experience to give brands and pinners amazing tools to highlight their best content. Some recent updates to the platform have us feeling excited!

simplified notifications

auto-play for Promoted Video

a uniform look across all apps and the web, making organization of your profile extra easy

– a handy new showcase feature at the top of your profile to emphasize your most on-brand and seasonal boards

holiday showcase window

– and our favorite: the Tried It button. Pinners can now check off pins that they’ve tried (or purchased), deliver feedback right on the pin, and even upload an image of their own results. The Tried pins then end up in their own new section on each pinner’s profile.

“It’s exciting to know that someone has had a good experience with your products and services. The reactions customers share can help you grow and develop your business. Today, we’re adding an easy way for people on Pinterest to track and share these experiences.”
(source: Pinterest Business Blog)

Kula Project Coffee Tree triedKula Project Coffee Tree tried it

We’re looking forward to seeing all these new features in action!


Save it for later:
Tried It graphic