For the past 3+ years – starting as Pinbooster and then as loop88 – we have worked with brands and agencies (public relations, advertising and digital) of all sizes. Through that time, we’ve learned what is and is not working for our clients, and help them work on Pinterest to be a success.

And on the other side of the equation, we continue to build up our loop88 network of influencers to connect the right people with the right networks with brands, and create, manage and promote the best of the creators.

With this experience, knowledge and network, loop88 is launching Instant today. What we have heard is that Pinterest is a more difficult site to start with, and launch. While we all know the great value Pinterest has for brands, it is a different way of thinking and operating in social media. Instant is here to help brands and agencies test Pinterest and find the right mix for social media marketing plans.

Instant is similar to a test campaign. As brands and agencies want to see what Pinterest is able to do for campaigns, Instant sets them up with an influencer who creates content for them for a one-month trial, and then loop88 tracks the data and creates a reach report. loop88 chooses the most compatible influencer – with the right, germane following – that will help spread the marketing messages in an authentic, creative way.

Instant is also perfect for the smaller brands and agencies – we understand that budgets come in all shapes and sizes, and that smaller brands and agencies want to be on Pinterest as well but might not have the budgets. Instant brings Pinterest to them, hooking them up with the appropriate influencer and getting the value of a campaign in a short spurt with the value of evergreen content on Pinterest.

We’re excited about Instant, and how it will help our community grow and do more, as well as helping brands and agencies get to know Pinterest better and work smarter on the site.