If you browse pins on desktop, you may have noticed something different: Pinterest is sporting a new look! We always love a good makeover and this one looks smoooooth. Here’s a little before / after comparison for you:

new look before

Here’s what you used to see ^


new look after

And this is the clean and crisp “after” look ^

The new layout looks a lot less cluttered after removing all the lines around the boards and buttons. It’s cool to see larger profile photos of the brands and pinners you follow. You’ll also notice that you’re seeing one less pin preview per board, and that the board covers are a whole different format now. We recommend taking a peek through your existing board covers to move and change some cover images to better fit the new layout. (Check out our Spring Cleaning post for more tips on how to overhaul your profile in just a few easy steps.)

Oh, and it’s not just the profile – the feed looks different, too!

new feed look

The new look of the Pinterest feed ^

Big changes here (aside from the cleaner look) are the shortened descriptions, which allow for more keywords in a pin caption without cluttering up the feed. This will likely encourage close-ups in order to get the full information behind each pin, so definitely use that feature to your advantage to push for higher engagement on your pins!

If you aren’t seeing any changes to your profile and feed yet, stay tuned. They should roll out across the board (ha!) very soon.

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Pinterest has a new look with some great hidden changes!