About This Project

Brother wanted to increase their exposure on Pinterest and highlight the P-touch label maker in ways that would appeal to a mass Pinterest audience.

The Plan

Brother’s brand philosophy and practical product application are a dream for the Pinterest audience: DIY is a massive topic of choice on the platform, appealing to frugal moms and DIY go-getters alike. We would enlist the help of Pinterest’s top DIY influencers and content creators, challenging them to show us their biggest and boldest creative uses for the Brother P-touch label maker. Once created, this exciting outside-the-box content would reach new audiences through exposure to our influencers’ followers.

The Result

An army of influencers went above and beyond, creating everything from themed parties to original artwork, along with ingenious organizational ideas. Brother was thrilled with the content our influencers created and with so many new branded pins, Brother’s impressions on Pinterest increased dramatically and will continue to grow far beyond the official end of the campaign.

Disclaimer: Pinterest recently changed their “pin it” button to “save”, so whenever you see a reference to repins in our past case studies, we’re talking about the number of times someone has saved a brand’s pin to their own boards.