Destination Canada

About This Project

Destination Canada harnessed the strength of the Pinterest platform in a large-scale effort to promote the “Explore Canada” website specifically to UK audiences, highlighting Canada as a desirable travel destination across multiple platforms.


Through intense management on the existing Explore Canada profile, we were able to flesh out the idea of Canada as a lifestyle brand and a destination that is so much more than winter and cold. We added boards dedicated to weddings in Canada, Canadian musicians, amazing architecture, sports, and fashion and design, and we continued pinning to boards that were less Canada-focused, like a travel tips board and an adventure inspiration board. This activity provided a great framework for the original creatives and influencer activity that followed.

Original Pins

Working mainly from Destination Canada’s stunning photography assets, we created large quantities of original content catered specifically to the Canada-as-a-lifestyle theme. Destination Canada wanted to showcase the perks of visiting Canada in spring and summer – from camping in the outdoors, to road trips, to food tours in a city setting – although we did also embrace the holiday season by pinning some tongue-in-cheek content referencing Canada’s snowy reputation.


We selected two British and two Canadian Pinterest influencers to share their unique perspectives on Canada with their own existing audiences. By creating collaborative boards they were able to invite Destination Canada to pin along and reach a whole new group of followers. We pinned the original creatives to these shared boards resulting in amazing engagement that would not have been possible without the endorsement of these influencers.

Promoted Pins

We executed promoted pins campaigns on a variety of Explore Canada original creatives to test the resonance of those different styles of pins with the Pinterest audience. Detailed analytics allowed us to to pinpoint which images would ultimately lead to the very best results for the client. While Pinterest’s platform doesn’t allow for geographic targeting outside the US, we were able to give an extra push in the UK (this campaign’s core target) by using the UK English language option. The introduction of additional keywords put these pins front and center in all the right feeds, leading to amazing results in the promoted area.

The Result

Daily impression numbers continued to grow during the months of profile management, with significant peaks documented during pin promotion and the four influencer campaigns. All those efforts resulted in a robust collection of branded Explore Canada content “out there” on the platform, giving the brand the best possible access to added visibility and awareness over time, especially when you take Pinterest’s longevity and searchability into consideration.

Disclaimer: Pinterest recently changed their “pin it” button to “save”, so whenever you see a reference to repins in our past case studies, we’re talking about the number of times someone has saved a brand’s pin to their own boards.