About This Project

Ragú wanted to grow their Pinterest audience and remind people that Ragú is first and foremost a pasta sauce brand, by adding a Pinterest element to their overarching One Pot Pasta campaign. In a second wave the theme became Saucesome, highlighting the awesomeness of family dinners and all the different ways Ragú sauces can be used in family meals.

The Plan

Food is a major vertical on Pinterest, and busy moms happen to LOVE time saving tips like one-pot recipes and ready-to-eat food products, giving Ragú a solid starting point on the platform. loop88 enlisted two teams of major food bloggers to create one pot pasta recipes and recipes highlighting family togetherness. Those food tutorials were translated into shareable pins, which in turn got pushed out to multiple shared Pinterest boards, letting each influencer’s followers in on the fun. The varied aesthetic of each influencer’s pins – some more high-end and others very “mom next door” – really amplified the wide appeal of the campaign.

The Result

Our influencers really delivered the goods, each creating recipes and pins in a recognizable style that their followers are familiar with and love sharing. Bringing on relatable and reputable DIY food bloggers was just the kind of endorsement Ragú was looking for.

Disclaimer: Pinterest recently changed their “pin it” button to “save”, so whenever you see a reference to repins in our past case studies, we’re talking about the number of times someone has saved a brand’s pin to their own boards.