The Mindy Project

About This Project

FOX’s The Mindy Project does an awesome job of their social media on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, but they were looking for a way to build some momentum on Pinterest, knowing that a lot of their female target audience spends time on the platform.

The Plan

The Mindy Project’s strength is its shareable jokes from each episode. We wanted to build on the show’s existing fanbase by basically telling everyone else, “This is what you’re missing by not watching the show.” We did this by taking some of the show’s easiest to understand without context jokes and designing a variety of pins from them. We had clearly branded pins with logos and tune-in information, but we also started boards where people could pin everyday images with the jokes as the captions. In other words, the seemingly ordinary pin images became the punchlines.

Live Pinning

As we were executing the campaign, we wanted to try to incorporate some current content from the most recent episodes. We got our influencers involved designing and creating contextual pins with current quotes that were created within 1 hour of the episode airing.

The Result

We were excited by the way Pinterest users were engaging with the content. We found that even on contextual pins, repinners were keeping the branded descriptions, maintaining the branded message as they endorsed the pin to their followers. This tells us that even though the content was branded, it wasn’t unwelcome in pinners’ feeds – which is a huge win for the brand.

Disclaimer: Pinterest recently changed their “pin it” button to “save”, so whenever you see a reference to repins in our past case studies, we’re talking about the number of times someone has saved a brand’s pin to their own boards.