There are so many reasons to keep a few secret boards on your Pinterest profile. Maybe you’re collecting Mother’s Day gift ideas. A makeover of your kid’s room, perhaps? And of course there’s always a chance you’re stealthily planning your dream wedding! Sometimes at loop88 we use them to prep for upcoming campaigns by showing our clients the kinds of pins we have in mind for them.

loop88’s Ariel uses them to plan his top secret Abba* Weeks: every once in a while his wife has a quiet getaway to visit her family, giving Ariel the opportunity to really dad it up with his awesome kiddos. And when that happens, he always plans the coolest daily activities to keep the Remer kids occupied and make those Abba Weeks extra special.

In July last year I sent Ariel this Minions craft on YouTube, knowing very well that the kids LOVE minions and would relish the chance to craft it up with their dad.

But Ariel didn’t jump the glue gun. He pinned the adorable Kinder Surprise Minions video to his secret Abba Week board and waited…

abba week ideas secret board

Fast forward to April 2016:

second night of #abbaweek was Kinder Surprises for dessert and then an arts and crafts activity”

Yes, Abba Week has its own hashtag, and yes, the Remers successfully created their Minions nine months after Ariel first pinned them to his secret board. Boom.


Googly eyes? Check!


(Note that Ariel used paper that looks like denim, rather than using real denim. Crafty!)

IMG_0916 (1)

Ta-daaaa! Bananas conquered!

Secret boards to the rescue! How do you use your secret boards?

* No, Ariel isn’t into Swedish pop groups from the 70’s – Abba is just what his kids call him.

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