Spring isn’t just a season. It’s a feeling, an opportunity to reboot, a fresh start. While you might not have any major tidying or cleaning projects planned for your home or office, spring is the perfect time to give your Pinterest profile an overhaul. Let’s be honest, virtual cleaning is way more fun than IRL dusting and vacuuming anyway.

Whether your Pinterest account showcases your personal brand, or you’re pinning for a business page, here’s a little springtime checklist to tackle:

Day 1 – Hi, profile!

Let’s ease into things on Day 1. Make sure your profile pic is up to date. Does your bio still represent who you are? Are you linking to your other social channels and your website, if you have one? If you’re managing a business profile, definitely get your account verified: having a recognized account opens you up to a whole wonderful world of Pinterest analytics.

Day 2 – Let it go

Take a long hard look at your existing boards and start deleting what’s no longer relevant – ‘Hottest Summer Looks of 2014’ has GOT to go. You might also want to consolidate a few smaller boards into one to declutter and free up some prime real estate.

Day 3 – Blow your covers

Talk about an instant facelift: changing all your board covers is the quickest way to give your profile a whole new look. While you’re at it, have a peek at your board descriptions and make sure they include the kinds of words that will help people actually find your boards in a search.

Day 4 – Sort it out

Time to shuffle your boards around! Move any out-of-season boards down to the bottom of your page. The top of your profile should be reserved for those boards deserving of the most attention at any given time, like seasonal topics or anything tied to your (or your brand’s) current focus.

Day 5 – Konmari those pins

Take a look at the pins on each board and decide whether or not they bring you joy or serve a particular function. If the answer is no, it’s time to let them go. Deleting is quick and easy with the “Move Pins” button at the top of each board! If you don’t have the time to go through the whole board, just tackle the first 25 pins to start with.

Day 6 – Check your sources

Make sure your remaining pins link back to a legitimate source and not a dodgy website or a media cache. Delete anything that’s fishy. Keep in mind that most pin links are meant to be helpful or informative and you want to make sure the creators behind the images are getting the credit they deserve.

Day 7 – Start something new

Now that you have a clean slate to work on, try to think of a new board that would be a good fit for your profile! It’s always fun to start something new, so pick a theme and start pinning!

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