Pinterest has made some pretty significant changes in the past few weeks, so we wanted to recap them here for you:

Pin it! becomes Save

Anyone who’s ever been on Pinterest has come to know and love that beautiful red “Pin it!” button, which allows you to collect and group all your favorite images from all over the internet in one easy click. While the words “pin it” make so much sense in the English language, the growth of the platform outside the USA has introduced the need for a more universal name… Enter the “Save” button!

Now that more than half of people who use Pinterest are from outside the United States, we’ve been working harder than ever to make sure our app and website are easy to use no matter where you live or what language you speak. Unfortunately it turns out that the notion of “Pinning” ideas doesn’t always resonate with everyone around the world.

So we decided to test what would happen if we swapped our Pin It button for the more utilitarian Save instead. We were amazed by just how many new Pinners started saving ideas on Pinterest, especially people from outside the US.

-Steven Walling, Product Manager at Pinterest

You’ll also notice that each pin no longer shows just the repins it receives on one specific board, but rather across the whole of Pinterest, opening up an easy way to discover new boards and pinners!

Read Pinterest’s full update here.

New ad targeting tools

Now here’s some VERY exciting news for Pinterest advertisers: Pinterest has expanded their targeting tools with 3 amazing new features.

  • Visitor retargeting uses conversion tags to allow brands to target anyone on Pinterest who has previously visited the brand’s website.
  • Lookalike targeting focuses on audiences with behavior and characteristics similar to the brand’s existing audience.
  • User comparison, using existing customer lists and comparing them to potential new customers on Pinterest.

TechCrunch has all the details.

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